Why You Should Wear Barefoot Shoes

I broke my left ankle playing basketball in college one warm afternoon. Those I was playing with quickly told me to suck it up and walk it off. After I immediately insisted something was seriously wrong. Never the less, I got up walked it off right back to my room and (RICE’d) it. A week or two go by and it was not looking good for your boy. So what did I do? I decided to play soccer and with incredibly high IQ I was defending incoming shots with my left ankle as if I happened to enjoy having a useless foot. Upon that moment I knew what had to be done.

I had to go to a specialist.

I did just that. Naturally, I received the testing and treatment I needed. Apparently, and im no doctor but a tendon in my ankle area stretched and took a piece of bone with it. The remedy was the boot. AND not thee boot from October fest. A super not cool hefty boot that destroys the alignment of your spine. Though, I have to admit I have no idea how those boots do it but there really is no pain felt walking around. At least in my experience.

So let’s get to these barefoot shoes. After no longer needing that boot. I was still feeling stiff and in the mornings my foot would be weak the first couple of steps. I was trying to figure out why and could not get an answer. I went through the full course of physical therapy. The whole nine. Upon listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. I heard him talking about barefoot shoes and how incredibly weak your feet are with out ever having known it. Boy, was Joe right. My first time in a pair of vivo bare foot shoes. It is incredible how quick the fatigue comes in walking around in a shoe with little to no cushion support. I immediately fell in love. Shortly, my feet began to build callous’s un the ball and heel. My ankle pain was alleviated due to the width of the shoe and due to lack of stability support from the shoe itself. The body and I guess foot in this instance is forced to build stabilizing muscles.

Naturally, our feet are suppose to be as spread out as our hands. Though due to modern day shoes our feet get all cramped up together causing all sorts of wicked problems for people. Along with the foot not sitting flat on the floor with various levels of elevation with in different parts of the shoe on various different types of shoe. Modern day shoes don’t really paint a good picture for feet. In fact I have been wearing barefoot shoes for so long now that my foot has reconfigured itself. Really, I have not looked back on modern day shoe wearing. Once in a blue moon and I really do mean that. I will wear a pair of my old shoes just to remember what life felt like back in the day. On those days I went up taking my shoes off at work while sitting at my desk. I couldn’t believe the level of discomfort I obtain by wearing modern day shoes for one too many hours. Ever so quickly am I reminded that barefoot shoes are for me.

This will sound hippy dippy but there is a unique feeling that I can not ignore even after all this time of wearing barefoot shoes. The connection with the earth and the ground. Maybe everyone has a different experience when they embark on the barefoot journey. But for me I never get used to or become unappreciative of the feel and energy from the ground. It isn’t painful as the shoes have very good puncture material in my opinion. Though, I am not saying you can not hurt yourself stepping over items but in my experience I have no had any types of issues. In fact I don’t have anything bad to say about the shoes. Though that would be rather lazy of me. The style may not be everybody’s cup of tea. Though there are a few brands to choose from and it appears to be that there is a growing demand for shoes that have real benefit. I must add that I am not endorsed by any company especially not any shoe company. As well as I am not a doctor so im not saying barefoot shoes would solve any and all injuries to the feet. Though I will say that after wearing barefoot shoes I could never go back to routinely wearing modern day shoes.



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Joe Sammartino

Joe Sammartino


Degree holder of psychology and philosophy. World traveler. A creative of ideas just not physically creative.