Jab? No thanks

Joe Sammartino
4 min readJun 5, 2021


What it feels like to not want to take the vaccine.

For the most part it is not discussed all too much in person. Although when I have been in a situation where someone asked me if I wanted to take the vaccine. I declined. With no push back I was given an “okay,… thats fine”. The situation was comfortable and I went about my business. However, on social media, traditional media outlets and even corporative institutions are on this mega push to quasi force the vaccine injection upon us. There is such a weird sense of bribery that is coming with the advertisement of these vaccines. I have been an alcoholic beverage company team up with ex vice president joe biden. To give out free beer tickets that you would receive upon being jabbed. That, you can then exchange for a free alcoholic drink. As well as an incredible random raffle style million dollar give away to a hand full of people in certain states for getting an injection of a COVID-19 vaccine.

I am sure by now you get my point. If people wanted to get the vaccine they would. Why does there need to be these weird late night game show style rewards systems for injecting a newly made in an incredibly short amount of time vaccine.


Though, given that the vaccines were created in a short period of time with no long term studies on the negative effects we may not know about yet. And there may not be long term effects of these vaccines. I have absolutely no idea. I do not think a lot of people have an idea. Not to mention when people try to converse about such topics on social media. Particularly facebook. Facebook bans, shadow bans, or hides comments that surround honest questions. Which is honestly really scary if you ever read the book 1984. Again, I do not know what the answers are but I think people should always have the opportunity to think and act for themselves. Without ridicule and discrimination for exercising freedom. When massive social media companies like facebook moderate content regarding open democratic discussion and interfering with content and context they deem to be unworthy, dangerously harmful and that they don’t agree with. I tend to get a chilling sensation down my spine that they are up to no good.

Unfortunately, a lot of people online have seem to have feed into this notion that you are a horrible person for not wanting to get this vaccine. When chocolate chocolate chip biden tweeted out that we free citizens of America can have our freedoms back after vaccination. I could not believe my eyes. How…. how, could one believe Trump to have been a terrible monster in regards to human rights. Yet, vote for the father of a cheese smoking son who has apparently revoked freedoms from free people unless we comply with particular demands.

Now, I don’t know about you but that sounds like something a communist regime would pull. Now I am not saying biden is a communist. But I am suspicious of the man who confused a young child for a 19 year old girl’s relationship with China. Something of a gut feeling and a mix of what i’ve been reading over at bloomberg, Wall Street Journal and Epoch times. As well as some others but that is mainly where I get my scoop on things around here.

With the bribery the hate associated with thinking differently of the angry mob. The father of a former drug addict tweeting essentially a message indicating that our freedoms have been put up for trade and debate. Is incredibly mind boggling to me and truly scary. I never would have thought we would see a day in modern American history that we would see the federal and some state governments interfere with the way private citizens could live their lives and run their businesses.

I know some people feel as though we ought to have worn mask and get the jab no questions asked because it is the right thing to do. And I absolutely respect peoples decision in masking up, wearing gloves and hell I would not even judge if I saw some people in the grocery store in hazmat suits.


I would like the same respect to have way less of a protective reaction to the environments around me. I am young and in factually way better shape than most of this country. I understand the dangers and risk. If I know that a loved one of mine is at high risk than it is my responsibility to either not go around that loved one or not go around others or in large crowded settings. It is the individuals responsibility to take care of themselves.


So, you can wear a mask and get vaccinated. I should be able to do the opposite. Folks that do not want to wear the mask or get vaccinated do not want to get sick or get others sick. It is simply the risks that some people find worth living with. Much like riding a motor cycle or smoking cigarettes. Granted you can not spread either of those examples. But if you are scared of the virus you have the right to get vaccinated and wear protective gear. Is that not a fair trade? I tend to side of the answer should not be to take peoples freedoms away.



Joe Sammartino

Degree holder of psychology and philosophy. World traveler. A creative of ideas just not physically creative.