I Moved To Texas From A Communist Country

Joe Sammartino
3 min readOct 3, 2021


I am a refugee from a communist country now residing in Texas. First before we confirm where it is exactly I came from. I think that the journey in and of itself will bring great excitement. So here I was at 25. Sucking on my thumb living in Never Ever Land with Mr. Peter Pan. Being spoon fed life. Living with my mother. Working a nobel job in the health care field as a case manager for the mentally ill. Exercising and certainly making the most out of what I thought was my full potential. I was paying no bills outside of my gym fees.

How pathetic huh.

I agree.

Well, where I was living and with the coof covid pandemy going on. Life just did not seem right. Lock downs. Everyone scared. Can’t do this don’t do that. You need to inject yourself with this experimental fluid. All this as I was being an absolute bum of a human being when I should have been out in the world exploring, conquering and making something of myself on the hero’s journey. As the lock downs became increasingly stricter with weirder and weirder rules. Like people not being able to go into stores without having paper work that identified that you were one of the good guys.


I saw right through the beginning stages of this mess. Oh, boy did I see right through this mess. Oh sure, we’re saving lives now. Yeah, sure that is the tactic and wording that is being said now. How can anyone argue the safety of others. What a good argument.


I fled. Knowing that only logic would defeat such a strong rhetoric. But logic was absent. Logic was no where to be found. Like the real virus was an ideology of sorts.

I fled.

I left everything. Love, my job, my family and friends.

Nothing was enough to keep me around. I moved without a job. It worked out for me though. I acquired a very high paying job one that doubled my salary. It was glorious. A friend of mine tagged along. We made out great on the price of rent in this new found land. Finally, the day comes I move in everything is fantastic. All the people here in Texas. Like minded, I no longer feel like Winston from 1984. I can freely think and expect people to be somewhat like myself. Oh, what a wonderful feeling it is to be in this new found land. Come to find two weeks in. This job rescinds their offer to me. I am shattered. What am I to do? I left everything. I left all of my support. But that isn’t everything. My roommate up and leaves back to communism. Why I can not say for certain. Though, all I know at this point is that I am now lost totally alone and jobless. This leap of faith seemingly has turned out to be something that one could not have prepared for.

Yet, I know God is here with me. He must be. Two days later I receive another job. A better job. My roommate from afar continues to pay his portion of the bills. What a fantastic turn around of events. This new job is better in all aspects. It is closer it is what I wish to do in my heart. As opposed to what I would have previously have gotten myself into with traffic mounting more than two hours daily. How could my struggles turn into fortunes like this? I do not know maybe from the leap of faith that I was meant to take.

I did have to find a new apartment that I am paying more money for. I did find that. I found new power within myself to have done all of this on my own with no help from the moment I stepped out of Never Ever Land. I can not say whether I will succeed in this new land. However, I have great respect for myself for conducting action in such an autonomous way. I have never been so independent in my life. All from the pressure of life around me. Mainly, the pressure I had given myself. Though induced from the circumstances around me. I can not say what this means or what I have to do. But I can say I needed to be in this new land. God has a plan for me to be here. God took away very particular attachments away from me before I made this move.

I was a man child. I needed to grow up. So I fled New Jersey.



Joe Sammartino

Degree holder of psychology and philosophy. World traveler. A creative of ideas just not physically creative.