Free will, is it possible?

You decided to wake up this morning.

Rewind that you did wake up this morning. And you probably reached for your phone or Juul. Hmm maybe I’m projecting but I’ve never owned a Juul.

From this point on you must do what your daily routine & the decisions that you’ve made in the past that have lead up to this day in your life. Well, now if the you of today is a culmination of the days before this one. Surely, we must go all the way back to even childhood decisions.

However, to even get to the inception of each individual requires absolutely unassisted involuntary decisions that made birth possible.

In essence, the foundation of who we are today. Is largely made up of involuntary acts of will.

If I were to ask what is it that one enjoys? Perhaps a food or hobby. Like an annoying five year old if pestered with relentless questions of why does one enjoy such an endeavor? A description of how it makes the individual feel is likely to come. Or how it has changed the life of in some way.

Nevertheless, the perceived relation to such endeavors are with chemicals in the brain. Whatever chemicals the situations calls for the productions of maybe likely out of ones control as well.

Sure, some situations are more predictable due to the fact it is a part of a routine. So, it gives a sense of empowerment. But, f we can not control these chemicals that communicate with our senses. With our perceived experience of the world originating from the senses that get information from the chemicals. Our entire life experiencing processor is reliant on involuntary acts taking place. Unless there is an individual that does posses the control over the function of these chemicals. Therefore we do not get to decide what we like or dislike.

In conclusion, people do not get to choose where they are born, who there parents will be & a gang of other factors. Then children do not usually make many decisions for themselves. So it isn’t until some time that people are able to live autonomously. Now keep in mind we can’t control the involuntary reactions that happens with in our body. With this picture in mind think how much of what you are today started by your own accord?



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Joe Sammartino

Degree holder of psychology and philosophy. World traveler. A creative of ideas just not physically creative.