Beijing Biden’s America

Joe Sammartino
3 min readMay 13, 2021


In just under 6 months the Biden Administration has caused a humanitarian crisis on the southern boarder. A direct result of undoing Trump Administration boarder policies. Then during an economic crisis Mr. Biden shuts down the massive Key Stone Pipeline. That ultimately has lead to multiple state of emergencies due to the Colonial Pipeline being hacked and deemed ineffective. As well as raising taxes to absurd rates to pay for insanely priced, trillions of dollars in “infrastructure” reform within the nation. The way this infrastructure plan gets implemented and paid for is, you guest it, with more taxes. However, the sneaky Biden administration has stretched the imagination of the term infrastructure and has placed very odd and non traditional categories within this plan.

Due to paying people more than I currently make working in an essential health care position to stay home. Which by the way was achieved by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air to accomplish. Resulting in a weakening of the dollar (less purchasing power). Not only are we in a unique period of printing money like its monopoly money. Our fiat might as well be monopoly money at this point. But the price of goods are at a decade high. Inflation has already taken effect.

With taxes on the rise, a weakened dollar and prices raising on consumer goods. I hope you got a very fat salary increase. Because if you did not. You are not going to be able to live the same life style you did a year ago.

Biden was given America in its greatest economic shape in its history. The stock market has never done better. Taxes were at all time lows. Black and Hispanic unemployment was the lowest that it has ever been in our history. Yet, as soon as Biden takes the wheel. We all end up looking at an extremely grim economic future for America. The agenda that the Biden administration and the Democrats has and always was. Happens to be to cripple the working class, destroy businesses, create a solution by paying people to not work and ultimately creating an environment where all people besides thee elite will be on a governmental crutch. The Biden agenda is a communist agenda and the American people are being sold that Biden is a moderate. We are looking at thee most radical leftist ideals as they come. When a president says that no amendment is absolute. We should all be incredibly concerned.

Considering the constitution was created to limit the governments power. Not limit the individuals freedom.

When the government wants to tear down what restricts their authority. We have an existential problem on our hands.

America is the last bastion of freedom on this planet. Our freedom is dwindling due to the left controlling and tyrant like style of “leadership” There is no other country on planet earth that has a first amendment. The Biden administration and the Democrats play on the emotional strings of the politically ignorant. Having useful idiots vote to have less money and give the government more power while having the belief that all politicians are corrupt. What an incredible contradiction of beliefs. The same people who vote for big government think that the government is corrupt. Incredible, not to mention that these same people believe that Joe Biden is actually here to help. You really can not make this stuff up.

What the Biden Administration is already doing to our country in less than 6 months. Is truly existential. As citizens we must understand why America is and has been thee most desirable place on earth to migrate to. For our traditions and values. The same traditions and values that the left and Joe Biden want to deconstruct and rebuild in the communist party of China’s vision. It is no coincident that China was rooting for Biden to win. Because Biden is an asset for the Chinese party. Allowing our left wing corporations and government to enact communist tactics that are straight from China’s play book.

It is time to wake up to the reality of the situation.



Joe Sammartino

Degree holder of psychology and philosophy. World traveler. A creative of ideas just not physically creative.