As a Man Why I Exercise..

Joe Sammartino
3 min readJun 9, 2021


Young men are absolute monsters. From a young age what destructive little beings. Smashing sand castles and lego sets. Rough housing and play fighting would be apart of most young mens early life. Hell, I still do these things today. Just a little bit different. I do not actually own any legos and have yet to see the beach this year.

That is energy. The destruction, conquer and wild cowboy like life style is energy that needs to leave the body. When we do not have an outlet for our energy it comes out in nasty disgusting ways. One example would be road rage. That is a common release of pent up excess energy.

What I mainly do to expend enormous amounts of wild energy. Is jiu jitsu that is a sport that will mellow you out and shut that brain down. After an intense session of going up against the will of another human being is an experience to say the least. The overall community is incredibly kind and caring. In my experience there are very few people that look to hurt others in this sport. That being said these are competitive savages that really are not trying to lose. The battle of wills for the round is real. There is no better off button to the brain than someone trying to strangle you. There is no room to think about should I have said something different in that text or what you have to do at work. There is little margin for error in the conflict of jiu jitsu. The energy expenditure on the back end of a training session is up to the individual surely. Though, for me the chatter of the mind is less for the remainder of that day. And so long as I maintain a good routine. It is extremely hard to bother me. There is no more energy to be consumed by worrying. In other words getting down to business in jiu jitsu maintains a genuine don’t give a fuck attitude.

A lot of men today have no real sense of their physical capabilities. This leads to legitimate issues in regards to the ego. As a superior athlete. I will tell you readers right now, that I get beat choked and tapped by the most unassuming individuals. The nerd assassins. Yes. They are real. When you get beat up constantly you lose your sense of ego pretty quick if you are willing to accept the reality of rolling in jiu jitsu. There is no sense off the mat in real life to feel the need to prove your physical capabilities.

You already know what they are!

It is truly a beautiful thing to build this level of confidence in the world. Having an ultimate sense of the mass that one carries around with them. Since men tend to be more violent extreme bouts of physical strain is mandatory. That is a nice a little secret that could actually help a lot of men be more well balanced and grounded.

Women benefit from these types of activities as well. No doubt about it. But women do not tend to be physically scary ego fragile individuals. I would encourage women to be physically sound and maintain a healthy active lifestyle. But for men I believe activities that crush the individual and bring this individual to reach the upmost potential and limits physically. Create a sound mind.

Which leaves me to say this is why I exercise HARD. If I do not test my will in battle against another. Or do not push my self to my limits while regularly exercising. I begin to get depressed and overthink. I get a losing sense of my identity. Feeling like a fraud. All of these horrible sensations nag at me when I am relaxing undeserved or comfortable for far too long. It eats away at me to not continually improve in this life. Wasting away is something that we can not allow ourselves to do. Exercising helps preserve and maintain quality of life. Just on that front alone exercising is an easy sell point. When you feel good physically you feel good mentally and vise versa. So to the ones that do not care much for competition or scared to test your will against another. Doing something that is daunting and hard is enough to accomplish what I personally get out of jiu jitsu.

Get after it everybody.



Joe Sammartino

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